Follow the White Rabbit

Man is condemned to be free. -Sartre

17 January 1990
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Hi. How you doin'?

Let's see ...
I headbang when I can.
I love cuddling & snuggling, being a goof and supporting my friends when I'm not being a PMS disaster.
I create my own world at times.
Ideas sound better in my head than outloud.
My mind is constantly in the gutter (or turned off completely).
Beware the candid pictures.
I write list after list after list...
I am obsessed with Mahjong.
Everything comes evenly. (unless its karma, then that's odd ... the whole 3 times thing ya know?)
I love Chicago and Boston!
I admit I have a problem with bags.
I have good beginnings to an idea yet can never expand on it.
Bursting out in song? Let's do it!
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